How to post 4K images on Twitter

Now you can upload hires images on Twitter! Here’s how.

Twitter finally enabled support for images up to 4K resolution, so you can post them on your profile.

But there is a catch. You have to enable 4K images support before Twitter allows you to post 4K images. Little bummer there, but nothing insurmountable. Read more

How to add and remove articles from Safari’s reading list

Here’s how to use Safari’s reading mode, to add articles that you can read later, even without internet access.

Reading mode is one of Safari’s less know but very useful features. You can save all kind of articles to this list, so you can read them later. Read more

How to Preview Safari Links on iPhone

Did you knew that you can just preview links on your iPhone, before or instead opening them? Here’s how.

iOS has a neat less known feature that lets you preview links in Safari before actually opening them. Read more

How to hide (and show back) the bookmarks bar on Firefox

Here’s how to customize Firefox interface, by hiding / showing the bookmarks bar.

The bookmarks bar of any browser is that bar that keeps your favorite web sites at a click distance. But, if you don’t use it it’s just a waste of screen space. Read more