How to activate Google Chat

Activate and use Google Chat in Gmail for real time communication.

Google Chat is not something new, but, recently, it became free to use for end users, not just a business tool for a price.

It’s like WhatsApp but in Gmail, with the possibility of creating the called rooms, which are nothing more than chat groups. Read more

How to copy layers in Photoshop between documents

Learn from here how to move Photoshop layers from one document to another.

Photoshop is hands down the best and most complex graphic editor out there. In fact, it can be quite overwhelming for news users, even regarding basic features, like copying one layer around documents. Read more

How to check what’s taking up space on you Google account and remove the largest files

Running out of space on your Google account? Here’s how to see what is taking up your space and how to free it up.

Now, that Google decided to be a complete asshole and charge us for Google Photos storage that it was supposed to be free, the storage space shared by all your Google services is going to be a problem. Read more

How to Change Your Status on Discord

Want to activate DND or appear invisible on Discord? Here’s how.

Discord in one of rising stars in the communication space. It’s seen as a gaming focus chat app but it will soon became more as it’s trying to grow it’s user database. Read more

The most comprehensive football app

If you’re a football fan, you must have this app on your smartphone.

When you’re into football, you want to know what you’re favorite team is doing, right? When they’re playing, how they’re playing and everything else. Read more