How to see what apps you use the most on your iPhone

Your iPhone can keep track of your usage and tell you what apps you use the most and how much time you use a specific app.

Using a phone several hours a day is nothing out of the ordinary these days. But it’s not healthy for everyone. So if you feel like you need to cut down your screen time you ca use Screen Time.

If you don’t already know Screen Time is a section on your iPhone’s Settings. It can show you a lot of thing. Among those, the amount of time you use your phone and specific apps.

To see what apps you use the most, follow these steps:

  • Go to Setting – Screen Time;
  • Tap See All Activity;
  • Scroll down until you see a list with your most used app.

You can even tap an ap on that list to see a more detailed info. For example, you can se how much time you use an app on a daily basis.

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