How to use 1Password to autofill passwords on iPhone and iPad

This article will show you how to use 1Password to autofill login data in Safari for iPhone and iPad.

Autofill is one of those feature that saves you tons of time by entering usernames and passwords in your places. It also spares you of memorizing all you different passwords.

Most browsers have a autofill feature of their own. But there are even better solutions, like 1Password, that works across platforms and you can use on iOS as well as on Mac or Windows.

But to use 1Password, you need to set it as the default passwords manager. In this article, you will learn how to do just that on Apple’s mobile devices.

  • Go to Settings > Passwords > AutoFill Password;
  • In the news screen you will se your options. Choose 1Password (enter your password if asked);
  • Enable or disable the two options presented next and tap Done.

    This is it. Your usernames and passwords will now be autofilled by 1Password instead of Keychain.

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