Use this 2 hidden settings to fine tune your iPad display

If you’re not completely satisfied with the way your iPad screen look, try these settings.

Generally, iPad tablets have an excellent display. Way better than the average Android tablets.

Even so, sometimes there is room for improvement. Maybe you’re a designer or you want higher brightness for your movies. Read more

Automatically generate tags for Instagram based on keywords or images

Learn to automatically generate the best tags for your Instagram posts.

Tags are essential on Instagram. You need to tag your photos and video so that your posts can be discovered by more users.

For that matter, it’s important to use the right and most popular tags for your content. Read more

Improve your Instagram experience by following tags

Your Instagram feed can look so muck better of you get tags in the mix.

If you’re on Instagram you’ve probably heard about tags and you probably spam your photos with tags to get better discoverability and more impressions. Read more

How to Schedule Send Emails in Gmail

Learn how to schedule email to be sent at a later time in Gmail.

Schedule send is a relatively new feature in Gmail. And it’s actually a pretty useful option.

You can use it for many reasons, from not wanting to bother your colleagues late at night or to just reply with a bit of delay so won’t be bother with another inquiry to fast. Read more

Get reliable coronavirus info from the official World Health Organization bot for WhatsApp

Avoid coronavirus misinformation by using the official World Health Organization bot for WhatsApp.

You probably noticed by now that the internet if full of fake news about the coronavirus.

To avoid fake news you should always get your information from reliable sources. And nothing is more reliable right now about the coronavirus than the World Health Organization. Read more