Instagram How to share someone else’s post as your Story

Learn how to share Instagram posts as your Story.

Instagram does not let you repost others posts, but it lets you use posts as stories. That’s because it need as more Stories as possible, to put ads between them. Read more

How to activate Google Chat

Activate and use Google Chat in Gmail for real time communication.

Google Chat is not something new, but, recently, it became free to use for end users, not just a business tool for a price.

It’s like WhatsApp but in Gmail, with the possibility of creating the called rooms, which are nothing more than chat groups. Read more

How to Pin a Tweet on Twitter

Pin an important tweet to your profile like this.

The pin feature on Twitter allows you so keep one of your tweets on top of your profile page.

This is very useful for brands, but it also can be used bu end-users. Read more

How to Remove Weather and News from Windows 10

Here’s to get rig of the new Weather and News feature from Windows 10.

Windows 10 has new feature – a weather and news section put directly on the taskbar.

While some users may find it useful, other might not like it at all and want it gone. If you’re among the last group, we got you covered. Read more

How to wake the iPhone’s screen just by touching it

A neat trick to easily wake your iPhone.

One the most well hidden iPhone features is the ability to wake the screen up just by touching it. Not a double tap, just a single tap.

This is useful for opening the iPhone faster by simply touching the screen, instead of pressing the power button. Read more