How to make Gmail the default email app on iPhone and iPad

Do you prefer Gmail on your iDevice? Than this trick will help you make it your default mail app on you iPhone and iPad.

So Apple finally cave in and let us use other browsers and email app as default. After showing you how to choose your default web browser, we’ll tell you how you can do the same thing for mail. Read more

How to Find Latitude and Longitude Coordinates on Google Maps

Here’s how to find the latitude and longitude coordinates on Google Maps.

If you need the real world coordinates for a specific place, you can easily find them on Google Maps.

Here’s how to do it on the web version of Google Maps:

First, locate the place you want the coordinates for.

Second, right click on it.

Then, click on “What’s here?”

The coordinates will be shown on a pop op on the bottom of the screen.

That’s it.

How to stop the most annoying notifications from Twitter

Here’s a couple o thing you can do to stop the notifications you don’t need to see from Twitter.

We love Twitter, but as any other social network, it has the habit of abusing notifications to lure you back.

But, the good news is that it offers you the necessary options to disable the notification you don’t need.

You have to clearly separate the good notifications from the bad ones. A good notification is one that you really need to see. Like when someone sends you a direct message or you receive a reply to your tweets.

A bad notification is often one that you can easily live without – like the ones about other people or topics that are not that useful most of the time.

So we need to top this kind of notifications.

Here’s how:

🐦 Open the left side menu by tapping on your profile picture;
🐦 Tap “Settings and privacy” and go to Notifications;
🐦 Once there open “Push notifications”;
🐦 Now scroll down until you see the “Recommendations from Twitter” section and disable both “Topics” and “Popular in your network” options;
🐦 You can even disable “News” if you don’t care about them.

As a golden rule, any notification that has a vague description or doesn’t sound familiar  is one that you can leave without. The less notifications, the better.

How to send yourself a reminder with Telegram

Did you knew that you can setup a reminder for yourself directly in Telegram?

So by now you know that Telegram is our favorite chat app and we love the many features that makes it much more useful that the others.

Well, one of this features is the ability to set a reminder for your self. You can use Telegram to remind yourself about stuff you don’t want to forget. Like buying cat food.

How to setup reminders using Telegram

  • First thing you need to do is open the Saved Massages chat. This is a feature that let’s you send messages and links yo yourself and it’s useful in many ways.
  • In this chat, write the reminder like a regular message.
  • After that, long press the Send button and choose the only option there “Set a reminder”
  • And last, pick a date and time and confirm by pressing the big Remind button.
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    How to send a message without sond in Telegram

    With this trick, you can send a message via Telegram without it making any sound on your recipients device.

    Here’s another awesome Telegram feature: you can send messages without making sound on your friends phone.


    Because maybe it’s late and you don’t want to wake them up.

    Or their in a meeting and maybe they forgot to activate DND on their device.


    Very easy.

    Just write the message like you would normally do.

    But long press the send button until a popup with two options appears.

    You just pick “Send without sound”.

    How cool is that?