How to Restrict Someone on Facebook without blocking them

This is how you hide your posts from a friend, without blocking him.

Restrict is one of the “hidden” Facebook features, that not many people know about it and use it.

It givers you another option regarding some unwanted people, besides outright blocking them. And the good thing is that they don’t know for sure you restricted them, but they can guess. Read more

How to check if you’re part of a data breach

Learn how to check if your data was stolen during a hack, so you can take proper action.

These days, it’s pretty much impossible to avoid being hacked. When an online app or service you use gets hacked, you get hacked. Read more

How to restore deleted Instagram stories

Have you, by accident, deleted one of your stories? Here’s how to restore it.

You may not know, but Instagram has some kind of a recycle bin that stores deleted content for 30 days before removing it completely. And that includes stories you deleted. Read more

How to Restore Deleted Posts on Instagram

Did you accidentally delete one you Instagram posts and want to recover it. Here’s how.

Deleting a post by accident – it could happen to anyone. But this doesn’t have to be an issue, as long as you can and know how to restore a deleted post. Read more

How to enable or disable vertical tabs on Microsoft Edge

This is how to enable vertical tabs on Microsoft Edge. Vertical tabs are practical and cool!

The Chromium based Edge browser is the first to integrate a vertical tab bar, that will use the vertical space of your display to show your opened tabs. Read more