How to move Windows 10 Taskbar to any side of the screen

Learn how to open programs on Windows just like links on the internet.

How to send disappearing messages on WhatsApp

Make messages you send on WhatsApp disappear after 7 days to better protect your private stuff.

WhatsApp has a neat and less known feature, called disappearing messages. When you use it, al messages sent and received from a specific person will be automatically deleted after a week.

The nice thing about this option is that it work on it’s own – you don’t have to worry about deleting sensible messages yourself.

It’s just a matter of activating and deactivating this option, as it’s not turned on by default.

To activate disappearing messages on WhatsApp:

1. Tap the name or picture of the person you are talking to on the header of the chat window;

2. Scroll down and tap Disappearing messages;

3. Turn the option on.

When you want to stop using it, just follow the same steps and turn it off.

And that’s all there is to know about using disappearing messages on WhatsApp.

How to automatically colorize black and white photos online

Have some old black and white photos that you’d like to colorize? Here’s how to do in in less than 30 seconds.

Nothing compares to old photos. The memory they bring is priceless and they are real personal treasures just as they are.

But, sometimes maybe we would like to see how those photos and the people and objects in them would have looked in reality, with color.

Fortunately, today it’s really easy to colorize photos. And you don’t need to pay for it or even to install some program.

  • Go to the Image Colorizer website and upload you photo.
  • Click Start and wait a couple of seconds until the photo is processed.
  • Now just download it on your computer and compare it to the original.
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