New Gmail design

The Gmail app has a new design

The latest Gmail update for mobile devices brings a new design that follows the road opened by the web version.

The new look is based on the Material theme that Google uses across all its products and on all the platforms.

The same design is already available for the web version of Gmail since April last year and brings a “cleaner” look with even more white. the white takes the place of the red, which was visible on the top bar of the screen and on various other elements.

The search now has a bar instead of a simple button. As a matter of fact, the search bar becomes the center of navigation within the application.

The button that opens the side menu where all the folders are accessed is now moved to the search bar and all accounts can now be changed (if a user uses multiple Gmail accounts).

All text is now using the Google Sans font.

The new design does not bring many new features beyond the possibility of setting the mail space. As with the web version, users can choose between “comfortable” and “compact” by default to increase or decrease the vertical space between messages.

Google has already begun implementing the new design on the Gmail Android app, and the same thing will happen for iOS in the coming weeks.

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