How to prevent programs from starting automatically when you open your PC

Use this trick to stop programs from starting when Windows opens and slow down your PC.

Many Windows apps have this bad habit of setting up them selves to start automatically with the operating system. Some of them really need this to function while others are just bad actors. Read more

How to change the default web browser in Windows 10

Did Microsoft change the default browser to Edge on it’s own? Here’s how to get back to using your preferred web browser.

Choosing the default app in Windows 10 is not as straight forward as it used to be in the old Windows versions. Maybe Microsoft did this on purpose, so that you give up and use their programs. Read more

How to skip the Recycle Bin when deleting files on Windows 10

Free up space on your PC by skipping recycle bin when deleting files

By default, files you delete on Windows are put in the recycle bin. That is for good measure, in case you made a mistake and removed the wrong documents. Read more

Windows 10: How to Enable and Use Clipboard History

Learn how to use Clipboard History in Windows 10 to speedup your copy pasting.

Few users know that Windows 10 includes a Clipboard History, with a list o text you copied, that you can access and reuse any time. Read more