How to Lock Your Netflix Profile With a PIN

Did you know that you can secure your Netflix profile with a PIN?

Netflix just added the option of locking a profile with a 4-digit code.

This is a cool feature if you want to keep out of your profile the people you share your account. Maybe you don’t want them to know what you’re watching or something. Read more

How to Switch Your Twitter Timeline to Chronological Order

If you hate the algorithmic ranking of Twitter’s Timeline, we have good news for you. You can now revert back to the chronological order of your timeline.

It’s not o trick per se, but a new feature from Twitter, which realized their users really miss this feature and it hurts their engagement. Read more

How to browse Netflix hidden categories (the easiest way)

Did you knew that there are many hidden movie and TV show categories on Netflix? If no, read on. If yeas, read on because I’ll show you what is the easiest way to acces this hidden categories.

No, really, it’s dumb easy. Just install Better Browse for Netflix extension for Google Chrome. You can find it and install it from right here, on the official Google store. Read more

Cum descarci clipuri video de pe YouTube pe un telefon cu Android

Dacă doriți să salvați pe un smartphone cu Android clipuri de pe YouTube, puteți apela la KeepVid – o aplicație gratuită care afișează reclame.

KeepVid nu e disponibilă în magazinul oficial de aplicații, ci poate fi descărcată de pe Folosirea aplicației este cât se poate de simplă, după puteți vedea în clipul de mai jos.