How to use multiple accounts on Twitter web

Learn how to add and use multiple accounts on the web version of Twitter.

Not long after the mobile apps, multiple accounts support comes to Twitter web. And it’s just as easy to use.

How to add a second account on Twitter

  • Click your profile on the lower left of the page;
  • Click Add an existing account;
  • Log in to your other account.

You are not limited to only two accounts. Read more

How to schedule posts on Twitter

Learn how to schedule Tweets to be posted at a later time.

Twitter recently introduced the option to schedule your posts. Though it’s something brands will use mostly, it’s actually a really nice feature for end users. Read more

How to use multiple accounts on Twitter

Learn how add more than one account on Twitter and how quickly switch between your accounts.

Multi account management on Twitter is pretty simple. It’s just not so many people know about it.

After you logged with your main account, do this to add another account: Read more

How to pin Twitter lists for easy access

Want your Twitter lists at a swipe away? Here’s how can you do it.

After what it seemed like an eternity, Twitter finally brought us the ability to swipe between lists.

Lists are very important on Twitter and should be part of any social network. They allow you to filter the people your follow by subjects. You can have lists for news, for TV shows, for games and so on. Read more

How to Save and Use Draft Posts on Twitter

Did you knew that you can save Twitter posts to use at a later time?

If you had no idea that Twitter offers the ability to save draft posts, I don’t blame. It’s poorly designed and very obvious. But it’s easy to use once you spot it. Read more