How to block cookies in Chrome

Use this trick to better protect your privacy in Google Chrome.

Much of our online privacy is related to these pesky cookies. They are used to save some of our preferences but also to track us.

Tech giants like Google and Facebook thrive on our data, following us around and learning as much as they can about us. One way they’re doing this is using cookies. Read more

How to Make Your Facebook Friends List Private

Learn how to make your Facebook friends list visible only to you or to some people.

Some guys are not comfortable having a public list of friends on Facebook for some reason.  And by default these lists are public so everyone can see who your friends are. Read more

Protect Your Privacy on Instagram With This Simple Trick

This little trick will help you increase your privacy on Instagram.

Like most Facebook products, Instagram doesn’t want it’s users to be really private, because that would decrease the engagement and their ad revenue. Read more