How to make Gmail the default email app on iPhone and iPad

Do you prefer Gmail on your iDevice? Than this trick will help you make it your default mail app on you iPhone and iPad.

So Apple finally cave in and let us use other browsers and email app as default. After showing you how to choose your default web browser, we’ll tell you how you can do the same thing for mail. Read more

How to change the default web browser on iOS 14 to Chrome, Firefox or other

Want to use some other web browser by default instead of Safari on your iPhone or iPad? Here’s the easy way to do it.

So iOS 14 is upon us and it finally let us to change the default web browser. We can now setup Chrome, Firefox or any other browser as default.

The default browser is the one that will be used to open links when you tap them in other apps.

The option is now really intuitively placed so can locate it easily, but once you know where to find it, it only takes 2 seconds.

So here’s hot to change your default web browser on iPhone or iPad.

  • Open the settings app;
  • Scroll the left menu all the way down until you see your favorite browser and tap on it;
  • On the right frame tap Default Browser App;
  • Now select your browser of choice.
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    How to modify Netflix subtitles on iPhone and iPad

    Wanna know how to change the appearance of Netflix subtitle on an iPhone or iPad? Here’s how.

    The appearance of Netflix subtitles can’t be modified on the Netflix app or website, as one might expect. Instead they obey the local configuration of your device.

    So, instead of searching the answer on Netflix, try your device’s settings.

    On the Settings app, go to Accessibility and then head to Subtitles & Captioning.

    There you can select one of the predefined styles or you can create your own style fol subtitles. You can play around with a few options, like the color and size of text or the background.

    This way you can customize the subtitles appearance for Netflix and other video apps on iPhone and iPad.