How to Clear Your Browsing History on Chrome for Android

To protect your privacy, you can erase your browsing history on Chrome from Android.

Not necessary to hide anything embarrassing, but from time to time it is a good idea to clear your browsing history. And if you use Chrome on Android, like many of us do, it’s a pretty simple operation. Read more

How to check if your Chrome browser has been compromised

This is how you can check for yourself if your Chrome browser has breaches or your date, including your passwords, are safe.

Google Chrome has nice little hidden feature that let’s you check for security breaches. With a push of a button and a lot of help from AI, you will know how safe your data is. Read more

How to make Gmail the default email app on iPhone and iPad

Do you prefer Gmail on your iDevice? Than this trick will help you make it your default mail app on you iPhone and iPad.

So Apple finally cave in and let us use other browsers and email app as default. After showing you how to choose your default web browser, we’ll tell you how you can do the same thing for mail. Read more

How to Find Latitude and Longitude Coordinates on Google Maps

Here’s how to find the latitude and longitude coordinates on Google Maps.

If you need the real world coordinates for a specific place, you can easily find them on Google Maps.

Here’s how to do it on the web version of Google Maps:

First, locate the place you want the coordinates for.

Second, right click on it.

Then, click on “What’s here?”

The coordinates will be shown on a pop op on the bottom of the screen.

That’s it.

How to Transfer Your Facebook Photos to Google Photos

Learn how to copy your photos and videos from Facebook to Google Photos.

Facebook has recently launch an instrument that allows you to copy all your personal multimedia content to Google Photos. And it’s very easy to use.

Just Go to and choose Google Photos as a destination.

You’ll need to enter your Facebook password, to log in to Google Photos and to let give Facebook access to Google Photos.

After that, you’ll return to Facebook and you need to click the Confirm Transfer button.

The actual transfer won’t start immediately but it will be done eventually. You will be notified when it’s finished.

It’s really simple to transfer your photos from Facebook to Google Photos.