📱 Mate Xs, everything about the new Huawei foldable smartphone

The new Mate Xs is not very different from the Mate X, but it thinks it can get your money with a few new tricks.

So Huawei didn’t take too long to present their second foldable smartphone after Samsung did the same thing a few weeks before. Read more

Galaxy S20 – everything about the new Samsung flagships

The new Galaxy S20 series is here, with all it’s three models – Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+ and Galaxy S20 Ultra.

Except for the even bigger camera bump, the new phones look very similar to last year’s S10 flagships. Read more

Google Translate will do audio translations in real time

A new feature of Google Translate, based on AI, will facilitate real-time transcription of speech.

At an artificial intelligence conference in San Francisco, Google announced it was working on a new feature for Google Translate that uses this technology. Read more