How to Schedule Send Emails in Gmail

Learn how to schedule email to be sent at a later time in Gmail.

Schedule send is a relatively new feature in Gmail. And it’s actually a pretty useful option.

You can use it for many reasons, from not wanting to bother your colleagues late at night or to just reply with a bit of delay so won’t be bother with another inquiry to fast.

There are countries, like France, where it’s legal to send email outside of working hours.

Clearly there are plenty of situation where scheduling can come in handy.

Hot to schedule email in Gmail

This feature is very easy to use.

You compose an email like you would normally would.

The only thing different is that you don’t click the Send button, but the arrow next to it. Then choose Schedule send.

On the mobile app, the schedule send option can be found by taping the three dots menu after you composed the email.

You’ll just need to pick a date and time. There are some predefined options here, but you also can choose any time and day you like.

You can cancel or edit scheduled emails. This emails are kept until they’re sent in a special Gmail folder called Scheduled.

You now know how to schedule emails to be sent later in Gmail.

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