How to change the default web browser on iOS 14 to Chrome, Firefox or other

Want to use some other web browser by default instead of Safari on your iPhone or iPad? Here’s the easy way to do it.

So iOS 14 is upon us and it finally let us to change the default web browser. We can now setup Chrome, Firefox or any other browser as default. Read more

How to schedule a message on Telegram

Learn to schedule a message to be sent on Telegram at a later time.

One of the features that make Telegram much better than WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger is the ability to schedule a message – you can setup a time for a message to be sent to your recipient. Read more

Waze: How to create a route on the web and send it to your phone

You can now setup a route on the Waze website and send it to your phone so you can easily start it on your smartphone.

Waze’s newest feature is the ability to configure a route on their website and then send it to your phone. The idea here is that it’s easier to setup the route on a bigger screen and just follow it on your phone when you drive. Read more

Make your iPhone / iPad battery last longer with this neat trick

Turn this not so useful feature off to make your iPhone’s or iPad’s battery last longer.

So you iPhone’s battery is not what it used to be when you bought it and you need make some changes to make it last a bit longer. Read more

How to block cookies in Chrome

Use this trick to better protect your privacy in Google Chrome.

Much of our online privacy is related to these pesky cookies. They are used to save some of our preferences but also to track us.

Tech giants like Google and Facebook thrive on our data, following us around and learning as much as they can about us. One way they’re doing this is using cookies. Read more