How to change routes on Waze

Learn how to select other routes when navigating with Waze.

Waze is a great app for navigating and, assuming Google won’t ruin it with too many ads, it will remain the best navigation app for a long time. And that because of it’s user’s reports that are so helpful. Read more

This is the best internet trick you’ll learn this year

With this trick, you can disable ads on YouTube and bypass paywalls at the same time.

Due to a error on some of the websites, you can enjoy their content without ads or paying.

As this smart developer explains, websites forget to normalize the hostname and the content is served without a hostname to match on the web browser. Read more

How to modify Netflix subtitles on iPhone and iPad

Wanna know how to change the appearance of Netflix subtitle on an iPhone or iPad? Here’s how.

The appearance of Netflix subtitles can’t be modified on the Netflix app or website, as one might expect. Instead they obey the local configuration of your device. Read more

How to Transfer Your Facebook Photos to Google Photos

Learn how to copy your photos and videos from Facebook to Google Photos.

Facebook has recently launch an instrument that allows you to copy all your personal multimedia content to Google Photos. And it’s very easy to use. Read more

How to use multiple accounts on Twitter web

Learn how to add and use multiple accounts on the web version of Twitter.

Not long after the mobile apps, multiple accounts support comes to Twitter web. And it’s just as easy to use.

How to add a second account on Twitter

  • Click your profile on the lower left of the page;
  • Click Add an existing account;
  • Log in to your other account.

You are not limited to only two accounts. Read more