How to Repost on Instagram

Repost on Instagram – How to repost on Instagram 2019

It’s not rocket science to repost on Instagram. But I will show you the fastest and easiest way to do this on your smartphone.

There are tons of apps that promises to help you repost on Instagram. most of them make you copy the post link from Instagram and them paste in their app.

After that, you need to reopen Instagram to post the photo which is a rather time consuming way to do it.

The app I suggest let’s you pick the desired photo and just post it on Instagram.

Repost on Instagram, the easy way

Ok, so follow this link to download the app from the Play Store.

The name of the app is “EzRepost+ Repost for Insta” so can also try searching for it.

When you will first open this app it will ask you to login with your Instagram account.

Don’t worry, it’s save. I don’t personally know the developer but I haven’t had any problem since I use EzRepost+ Repost for Insta.

How do you repost on Instagram

So, the first thing you will notice after logging in with your Instagram account is that you got yourself another feed.

This is your actual Instagram feed, but with added options, like repost on Instagram.

How to repost on Instagram 2019
EzRepost+ Repost for Insta

There is a big “repost” button bellow every photo and video from your Instagram feed. Yes, it works on videos to.

After you touch that button, it opens a page with that photo, as a preview. Now you touch the button in the middle from the row on the bottom of the screen.

How to repost on Instagram 2019
Reposting on Instagram

If it open a new menu, asking you where on Instagram to post that photo, you must choose between Feed and the not so new Story format. It’s up to you.

Now you are on Instagram and you can post like you would normally would.

Repost on Instagram - How to repost on Instagram 2019
Repost on Instagram

This app even copies the caption of the original photo in your phone clipboard so can paste that in the description field, if you want.

How to repost on Instagram 2019
How to repost on Instagram 2019

So this is how you should repost on Instagram. An easy and time effective way to do it.

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  1. lovely post!!! and very helpful too… i never knew such an awesome repost app was available for insta. please keep me updated on other apps/softwares. Thank you!

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