Google Photos: How to back up your photos only on Wi-Fi

Google Photos has an option that allows you to not consume your data traffic backing up tons of photos.

Let’s be honest: Google Photos is a great app that you need to have on your smartphone. Automatically backing up your photos for frees is a great thing to have when take lots of photos with your smartphone’s camera or cameras.

Google Photos syncs in background saving your photos on cloud as quickly as possible.

But if don’t need to make the backup immediately or on the go, you should opt for a WiFi only synchronization.

This way you won’t consume all your data plan just backing up your photos.

Google Photos – How to sync only on WiFi

So go to the “Back up & sync” section of your Google Photos Settings page.

Where you see “Cellular data back up” you just turn off the toggle to disable back-up on data for photos and especially videos.

Like this:

That’s all. Google Photos should only save your photos on cloud when you’re connected to a WiFi network from now on.

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