How to Disable Friend Suggestions on Facebook

Stop the annoying Friend Suggestions on the annoying Facebook

There are so many annoying things (and people) on Facebook, that there is no point in counting. But one of this stand up as being more annoying than the others: Friend Suggestions.

This are the kind of notifications that you haven’t ever asked but keep plaguing your online social experience. And it’s not just a Facebook thing, other social networks does this too.

The good news is that, deep inside the immense Facebook config page, there is an option that allows you to completely disable Friend Suggestions.

  • On the desktop website, you have to click the rightmost top icon (the triangle);
  • Then click Settings & Privacy and again Settings;
  • Now that you finally got to Settings, you’ll want to open the Notifications section;
  • There, open “People You May Know”;
  • Finally, disable “Allow Notifications on Facebook”, Email and SMS.

Now you’re done with the annoying Friend Suggestions on Facebook. A well deserved victory!

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