Best smartphone 2018

Best smartphone 2018

With so many new smartphones out there, you’d think it’s hard to pick the best smartphone 2018. Well, it’s not.

It was actually pretty easy to pick the best smartphone for 2018. And you know what made our decision simple: the astronomical prices for most of the flagships this year.

So how many of you would pay 1.000+ euro for a smartphone? And why? If there is a better price option with most of the features a 1.000+ euros smartphone has, wouldn’t you pick it?

Best smartphone 2018

These are some o the most important questions you have to ask yourself when you look for the best smartphone 2018. Because the best smartphone is a subjective choice you need to make for yourself.

For some of you, the best smartphone 2018 would be the cheapest option. That doesn’t necessarily make it a universal choice.

The most important thing is that the smartphone would offer most of the features you need at the best price possible. Paying for features you don’t use is a bad idea.

It’s not an iPhone or any other big brand flagship

Of course it’s not an iPhone. Not because “I like Android”, but because I won’t pay that much money. iPhones are great, if you can leave with iOS. But I have better things to do with that kind of money.

The same principle I apply to every other flagship out there, made by Samsung, Huawei or others.

It’s not a very cheap smartphone

Cheap smartphones, under 300 euros, are bad. They won’t make a great device so cheap. There are plenty of option under 300 euros but sooner or later you will regret buying.

They tend to seem ok, or least some of them and just for a few weeks. Then you usually start to notice all kind of problems, hardware and software.

Best smartphone 2018

It’s a smartphone that has the most features of a flagship, except a very high price. Yeah, it’s One Plus 6T.

Why this One?

For several reasons actually.

  • It has a great price for it’s features
  • A great build quality
  • Great design, very small notch
  • Super fast on-screen fingerprint reader
  • Awesome software experience – no bloatware, really fast, stock experience, interesting options
  • Android Pie out of the box
  • Amazing battery life – it’s not just the 3.700 mAh battery, but software optimization that bring my autonomy to 3-4 days with 4-5 hours of screen time during that period
  • Not the best, but great camera
  • Excellent display

It’s not perfect. It doesn’t have wireless charging, or 3,5 mm audio. But if you can live without those, it will definitely became the best smartphone 2018 for you too.

The starting price is 549 but I recommend the Midnight Black version as the back is not so reflective and slippery as the Mirror Black.

I also recommend buying from the official store as the official price is so much lower then the one from retailers or operators.

I own One Plus 6T from the day after the official launch and I’ll try to answer any questions you may have about it and my choice for the best smartphone 2018.