How to Activate The New Facebook Design and enable Dark Mode

Yes, you can finally have a dark mode on Facebook. But there is a catch.

Facebook just launched a news design for it’s desktop site, that includes a long awaited dark mode. Yes, dark mode is ready for PC and not for smartphones, which is just weird. Read more

How to use Google Translate for Real Time Transcription

Here’s how you translate in real time using Google Translate.

The latest Google Translate feature allows us to make real time translation. To be correct, they’re transcription because they transform spoken language in text. Read more

How to pin Twitter lists for easy access

Want your Twitter lists at a swipe away? Here’s how can you do it.

After what it seemed like an eternity, Twitter finally brought us the ability to swipe between lists.

Lists are very important on Twitter and should be part of any social network. They allow you to filter the people your follow by subjects. You can have lists for news, for TV shows, for games and so on. Read more

How to check how much time you spend on Facebook and set a daily time limit

Are you worried that you waste to much of your time on Facebook? Here's how to see exactly how much time you're on Facebook and how to set yourself (or your kid) a daily usage limit.

Preventing WhatsApp Spam: select who can add you to a WhatsApp group

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