How to Mute Someone on Instagram

Learn how to reduce to silence annoying people on Instagram.

We all encountered toxic people an their comments on social media and especially Instagram.

The good news is that you can do something about it. You can just mute someone, without blocking them completely. Read more

WhatsApp: How to clean up space for a specific contact or group

Learn how to delete data saved from a specific WhatsApp user or group, to clean your phone’s memory.

As one of the most used chat apps out there, WhatsApp will save a lot of files you and your friends are sending to each other and your phone’s storage could get filled pretty fast. Read more

Windows 10: How to Enable and Use Clipboard History

Learn how to use Clipboard History in Windows 10 to speedup your copy pasting.

Few users know that Windows 10 includes a Clipboard History, with a list o text you copied, that you can access and reuse any time. Read more

How to Completely Disable Siri on iPhone and iPad

Learn hot to get rid of Siri once and for all.

Though Apple is trying to force it on us, not everyone is a fan o Siri or maybe vocal assistants in general.

So it’s understandable if anyone is looking forward to turn Siri off. Read more

How to delete comments on Instagram

Wanna know how you can delete unpleasant comments on your Instagram posts? You’ve come to the right place.

Instagram, like Facebook and other social platforms, has a bullying problem. People are people and can’t help being assholes sometimes, throwing harsh words at others. Read more